2006 Award: Peter Sjøholt (Norway)

In 2006 RESER Council conferred the commendation for lifelong achievement and contribution to service-related research to Peter Sjøholt (Norway).

Peter Sjøholt

Former professor emeritus in Bergen university, Peter is now passed away. Reser member since the beginning, he was the first researcher coming for the northern european countries.

His more recent papers were:

  • The problem of the outsourcing of service provision and its impact on marginal regions, In: Byron R. and J. Hutson (eds) Community Development on the North Atlantic Margin. Aldershot, Ashgate 2001.
  • Christaller revisited: reconsidering Christaller’s analysis of service and central places. Service Industries Journal 21 4 2001.
  • Internationalisation of commercial activities: some recent theoretical contributions and emprical evidence. In: Cuadrado-Roura, J, L. Rubalcaba-Bermejo and J. Bryson (eds) Trading services in the Global Economy, Cheltenam, UK, Edward Elgar 2002.
  • Service industries in the global economy, Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift-Norwegian Journal of Geography,Vol.58,136-140,2004
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