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  • Eurostat, Statistics in Focus – Theme 4 – 16/1999
  • The draft Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services.
  • First World Services Congress, Atlanta, November 1999
  • Insights into the invisible or where the draft Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services is positioned in the statistical firmament.
  • RESER 9th Annual International Conference, Madrid, October 1999
  • “SMEs and employment: comparison between the EU, the USA and Japan”.
  • Enterprises in Europe, European Commission (2000): Chapter: “The place of SMEs in EU employment”.
  • Trade and Regulatory Reform – insights from country experience, OECD, Paris, 2001: chapter 10 ‘Internationally harmonised measures and recognition of equivalent measures’, andchapter 14 ‘A personal view of the issues’.
  • Forthcoming: chapter on the GATS for a book comprising articles by RESER members, following the conference in Bergen in October 2000.
  • Regulatory issues for global services activities: how suppliers using new technologies may be impacted by the rules of the General Agreement on Trade in Services.
  • RESER 11th Annual International Conference, Grenoble, October 2001
  • How can the General Agreement on Trade in Services be improved ? – A Technical Review. Second World Services Congress, Hong Kong, September 2001
  • Regulation and liberalisation under the GATS
  • Symposium on “Issues confronting the world trading system”, WTO, Geneva, July 2001
  • Services: trends, consequences and the effects of a new WTO round.
  • 2001 Roundtable on “Services in Transition Economies” of the Committee for Trade, Industry and Enterprise Development, UN Economic Commission for Europe, Geneva, June 2001
  • To what degree can services be liberalised ? 642nd Wilton Park Conference: “The World Trade Agenda”, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK, July 2001
  • Services trade, investment and competition in the New Economy and the GATS 2000 negotiations.
  • Applied Services Economics Centre (ASEC) Seminar, Geneva, February 2001
  • Internationally harmonised measures and recognition of foreign equivalent measures.
  • Emerging Market Economy Forum, Workshop on “Regulatory reform and the multilateral trading system”, OECD, Paris, December 2000
  • Financial services and the WTO negotiations – a report on some issues raised at the PROGRES Seminar on the regulation of insurance services.
  • 7th Conference on “Strategic issues in insurance”, the Geneva Association, London October 2000
  • The liberalisation of international trade in services: issues of competence and legitimacy for the GATS – and the impact of its rules on institutions.
  • RESER 10th Annual International Conference, Bergen, October 2000
  • To what degree can services be liberalised? 606th Wilton Park Conference: “Prospects for trade liberalisation in the new Millennium”, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK, July 2000
  • Negotiations on trade in services: objectives of Arab countries.
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