Beyers, William (USA)

Professor, University of Washington, USA, Department of Geography


Recent papers


Bill taking the floor
  • "Cyberspace or Human Space: Wither Cities in the Age of Telecommunications?" in Cities in the Telecommunications Age: The Fracturing of Geographies (J.O. Wheeler, Yuko Aoyama, and Barney Warf, Eds). Routledge: New York. February 2000. pp. 161-180.
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  • "Services and the Changing Economic Base of Regions in the United States," The Service Industries Journal , Vol 25, No 4, pp. 1-16 (June 2005)
  • 2005 Study on Land Use and Local Government Finance. (With Local Government Finance and Research Division of the Washington State Department of Revenue under the direction of the Washington State Office of Financial Management and Anne Bonds & Derik Andreoli). Washington State Office of Financial Management, Olympia WA. ix & 154 pp.


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  • “Cultural and Recreational Industries in Rural America: Opportunities for State Legislators,” The Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy, Vol 37, No 1, pp. 47-49
  • Economic Impact Assessment of Global on Washington State’s Economy (with Jennifer Devine, Sally Weatherford, and Amy Hagopian). Office of Global Affairs, University of Washington. August 2007. 38 pp.


  • “Cultural and Recreational Industries in the United States,” The Service Industries Journal, Vol 28, No 3, pp. 375-391.
  • The 2002 Washington Input-Output Study (with Ta-Win Line). Olympia WA, Office of Financial Management May 2008. web address:

Forthcoming referencies

Bill receiving his award in Göteborg
  • “Outsourcing Tendencies in the Producer Services in the United States,” Outsourcing and Offshoring in Services: Facing the Global Challenge (Edited by José A. Camancho and Luis Rubalcaba) To be published by either Edward Elgar or Routledge.
  • Economic Geography, A Contemporary Introduction by N.M. Coe, P.F. Kelly and H.Y.C. Yeung, (Malden MA, Blackwell) Review forthcoming in Economic Geography
  • “Identifying Clusters in the Central Puget Sound Region Economy,” (with Paul Sommers) in (Blandine Laperche Ed). Innovation Networks and Clusters: The Knowledge Backbone. Location and Publisher TBA.
  • “Producer Services,” in Barney Warf’s Human Geography Encyclopedia, Publisher – Sage.

Under review and in process

  • “Occupational Structure in Industries in the United States: Defining Clusters and the Regional Distribution of Selected Clusters.” Presented at the RESER Conference in Tampere, Finland, Sept. 2007. Under review at Growth and Change.
  • “Determinants of Change in Service Employment in the United States, 1998-2005. Findings Based On A New Classification of Industries,” for RESER Conference in Stuttgart Germany, Sept. 2008 Invited for Submission to The Service Industries Journal.
  • “Regional Growth in the United States: Correlates with Measures of Human, Social, and Creative Capital,” for Tinbergen Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 30-July 1, 2008 Under review for Urban Studies
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