Centro di ricerca interuniversitario per i servizi di pubblica utilità (CRISP), ITALY, Milan

Interuniversity research centre on public services.


Interuniversity research centre for public services was constituted in 1997 and made official the pre-existing cooperation and synergic activities among professors and researchers from several universities and departments. Today the CRISP network is composed by more than fifty researchers from several Italian universities.

The activities of the research centre includes promotion, development and coordination of research programmes on public services. This includes interdisiplinary-cooperation, training courses focusing on knowledge and methodology, seminars, conferences and research fellowships.

PRIORITY: “Research and innovation in public services design, management and evaluation focusing on human capital growth and development”

SERVICE SCIENCE: is a brand new dicipline developed as a reaction to social and economic transformations within industrial production and agriculture. Its aim is to
identify new ways to improve productivity and innovation in services.

Service science is a new interdisciplinary approach, which comprehends information technology, economics, management, through the studies of design and implementation of services systems – These are complex systems in which specific arrangements of people and technologies take actions that provide value for others

CRISP is among the first European research centres to focuson this theme, gathering, developing and sharing theories and experiences on this new, crucial topic.

CRISP members focus their study on the following main subjects:

  • Public services development and demand analysis
  • Economic systems dynamics analysis
  • Unbiased methodologies for quality estimation of services
  • Technology innovation

CRISP has some distinctive features, mainly divided in Inter-disciplinary Competences: Economics and Management, Information Technologies, Statistics, Law; Global Competences: Methodologies, Applications, Management, Institutional design.

Guide fields

Service Science (design, management, systems)

  • Project methodologies for federated information systems
  • Decision making support systems (definition and management of public services policies)
  • Management, company growth, institutional government

Human Capital (analysis, evaluation, development)

  • Country, local, and company level

Evaluation & Quality (models and systems)

• Efficiency evaluation of service delivery processes
• Effectiveness evaluation of services from the user and human capital view

Institutional design (laws, regulation, and new administrative structures)


CRISP network is composed by more than 50 professors and researchers, belonging to several Italian universities.

Research on the public service sector is very complex and involves many disciplines. To do this the centre has been structured and divided into different “areas of interest” in which each area maintains a high level of reseach work flexibility.

The activity of the centre includes research fellowships for young outstanding researchers.

Scientific Director

Prof. Mario Mezzanzanica

Deputy Director

Prof. Dario Cavenago


management and development

Ing. Alberto Daprà alberto.dapra@crisp-org.it

marketing and communication

Dott. Stefano Rizza stefano.rizza@crisp-org.it

office manager

Ing. Lucia Valsecchi lucia.valsecchi.unimib.it


2008 (still open)

  • Regional Observatory on Labour Market - 2008
    Client: Agenzia Regionale Istruzione Formazione Lavoro - Regione Lombardia
    CRISP Research Manager: Prof. Mario Mezzanzanica
  • Private schools in Lombardy. Self-financing, private financing, public financing - 2008
    Client: Regione Lombardia - Direzione Generale Istruzione Formazione Lavoro
    CRISP Research Manager: Prof. Mario Mezzanzanica
  • Technical support in monitoring the evaluation system implementation of accredited health companies (3rd and 4th year) - 2007 and 2008
    Client: Regione Lombardia - Direzione Generale Sanità
    CRISP Research Manager: Prof. Mario Mezzanzanica

2008 – 2007 – 2006

  • ELLI Project – Feasibility Study and Development of a European Lifelong Learning Index - 2008
    Client: Bertelsmann Stiftung
    CRISP Research Manager: Prof. Giorgio Vittadini
  • Metodologic-scientific asstistance programme in support of the Beta Project management , concerning with ri-allocation and employment increase of workers in need”, "Reinpiego ed incremento dell'occupabilità dei lavoratori in difficoltà occupazionali", and of the Gamma Project, "Flexibility in labour market" - 2008
    Client: Agenzia Regionale Istruzione Formazione Lavoro - Regione Lombardia
    CRISP Research Manager: Prof. Mario Mezzanzanica
  • Analysis and study of models for labour market and development of active territorial policies – 2006 and 2007
    Client: Italia Lavoro S.p.A.
    CRISP Research Manager: Prof.ssa Biancamaria Zavanella, Prof. Mario Mezzanzanic
  • Identification of benchmarking parameters in public utilities services regarding urban hygene services and, particularly, parameters for the ambiental evaluation of these services - 2006 and 2007
    Client: National observatory on garbage management
    CRISP Research Manager: Prof. Giorgio Vittadini, Prof. Mario Mezzanzanica, Prof. Carlo Natale Lauro, Dott. Massimo Ferlini
  • Modern Employability - Exploration Phase - 2007
    Client: Bertelsmann Stiftung
    CRISP Research Manager: Prof. Giorgio Vittadini
  • Observatory on governance and subsidiarity in Lombardy – 2006 and 2007
    Client: IReR
    CRISP Research Manager: Prof.ssa Lorenza Violini, Prof. Mario Mezzanzanica
  • Regional Observatory on quality in public health services – 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008
    Client: Regione Lombardia - Direzione Generale Sanità
    CRISP Research Manager: Prof. Giorgio Vittadini e Prof. Antonio Pagano


Università degli Studi di Milano – Bicocca
Via Bicocca degli Arcimboldi, 8
20126 Milano (edificio U7, 2 piano)

Tel. 02 6448 5841
Fax. 02 7005 69114

Ing. Alberto Daprà

Dott. Stefano Rizza

Ing. Lucia Valsecchi

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