Italy, Milan

Team Members

Lanfranco Senn, Professeur Bocconi University – Milan
Angela Airoldi, Researcher Gruppo CLAS

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Lanfranco Senn

Gruppo CLAS is a company that offers research and consulting services in the fields of applied economics, economic statistics, training, and organisational processes. In response to the demand for increasingly complex research and consulting services, Gruppo CLAS has organised its skills into a number of dedicated “business areas”, whose specialisation assures that the Group’s services fully meet the requirements of its clientele in a reliable way. Gruppo CLAS offers a wide range of services:

  • Consulting services on strategies and management, geared to promote the development of organisations in general and of government agencies and public bodies in particular.
  • Development of projects for improving the organisation of training facilities (schools, training institutes, companies);
  • Research, even on the international level, into the formulation and effectiveness of training systems (including educational, professional and company training);
  • Assessment of training systems and procedures;
  • Methodologies for EU statistics;
  • Information technology systems for economic analysis;
  • Research and analysis of supply and demand regarding transport services;
  • Creation of tools for evaluating the feasibility of investing in transport on the regional and national levels;
  • Creation of tools for planning transport systems;
  • Studies for evaluating investments in major infrastructure projects (bridges, airports, motorways etc.).
  • Analysis (in terms of economics and infrastructures) of geographic areas on scales ranging from urban to national;
  • Developement of procedures for evaluating projects involving the recovery and renewal of abandoned areas, with particular emphasis on feasibility;
  • Verification of the economic/financial feasibility of the main urban functions and complex urban renewal projects;
  • Analysis of trends in the real estate market in large cities;
  • Analysis of the competitiveness of urban areas, the main location factors, and the actions taken to promote competitiveness.


  • Monitoring service of National Operational Programme-Transport (PON-Trasporti) 2000-2006, Italian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructures (2003).
  • Regulations in the transport market and personnel costs of driving staff in Italy, CNR- Comitè National Routier, Paris, Basel (2003).
  • Messina Strait Bridge and links to the rail and road network - Update of the Environmental Impact Study, Stretto di Messina S.p.A. – Bonifica S.p.A. (2002).
  • Infrastructure and competitiveness: a comparative study between four European Regions, Unioncamere Lombardia (from 1997 up to now).
  • Programming the development: strategies for Segrate, Amministrazione comunale di Segrate, 2003
  • Territorial plan for the amplification of Bocconi University, Università L. Bocconi, 200
  • The Fair as protagonist of Milan’s transformation: socioeconomic impact of the new pole, Fondazione Fiera Milano, 2003
  • An innovative territorial marketing for a strong Region, IReR, 2003
  • Indicators of competitiveness for Milan, Assolombarda, 2002
  • Layout plan Services of Milan’s town hall, Amministrazione comunale di Milano, 2002
  • Guide lines for the definition of an agency of territorial marketing for the province of Milan, Provincia di Milano, 2002
  • Angela Airoldi Gruppo CLAS, Viale Montenero 17, 1-20135 Milano, Italy T (+39)-2-54-18-43-76
    F (+39)-2-54-18-43-76
  • Francesca Canti Gruppo CLAS, Viale Montenero 17, 1-20135 Milano, Italy T (+39)-2-54-18-43-76
    F (+39)-2-54-18-43-76
  • Elisa Bianchi Gruppo Clas, Via Donizetti 1/a 6, 20122 Milan, Italy T (+39) 2 55 18 77 17
    F (+39) 2 55 19 22 05
  • Lanfranco Senn Gruppo Clas, Université L. Bocconi, Milan, Italie E  lanfranco.senn@uni-boc...
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