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Team Members

  • Grete.Rusten, Professor, University of Bergen,  Board member Bergen Teknologioverføring AS (a TTO)

Guide Fields

  • Business strategies for eco-innovation and green entrepreneurship 
  • The organisation of service provision; in house production versus outsourcing and its regional impact.
  • Change in educational level in different types of producer services as aconsequence of functional transformation and reorganisation.
  • Service demand in different business cultures.
  • New logistics and commodity handling and concomitant upgrading of competence in the wholesale business.
  • Internationalisation of service provision.
  • Outsourcing strategies for business services
  • Virtual organisations in the service economy
  • ICT and business services
  • Design (www.
  • Public services and regulation
  • Head office location in the service sector

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Peter Sjoholt receiving Reser award in Tampere conference

Our colleague passed away , but we are pleased to honour his work:

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