University of Beira Interior, PORTUGAL

Helena Maria Baptista Alves, Professor in Management – Marketing

Research Team

  • Mário Lino Barata Raposo, Professor in Management - Marketing
  • Paulo Alexandre de Oliveira Duarte, Professor in Management - Marketing
  • Ricardo José de Ascensão Gouveia Rodrigues, Professor in Management - Marketing
  • Arminda Maria Finisterra do Paço, Professor in Management - Marketing

Guide fields

Marketing in Higher Education is a line of research of NECE – Research Unit in Management of the University of Beira Interior, which has as main objectives:

  • To follow student satisfaction at a national level
  • To follow service quality in universities
  • To correlate student satisfaction with student performance and drop-out rate at a national level
  • To expose practices that affect positively student performance
  • To analyze relationship between universities and their stakeholders
  • To follow students performance in this new system at a national level
  • To follow students drop-out rate at a national level


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  • Helena Maria Baptista Alves University of Beira Interior – Department of Business and Economics, Estrado do Sineiro, 6200 Covilhã, Portugal T 351 275 319 651
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