Spain, Barcelona

Team Members

  • Prof. Ezequiel Baró, Professor of Economics, University of Barcelona, BCF Consultors Partner
  • Marta Valls

Research Fields

BCF Consultors specialises in market research, in the study of different business segments, and their geographical impact, and in giving advisory services to business, institutions and public entities. The main objective of its professional services is to enhance the added value of information and knowledge assets within these organisations and to consequently improve their competitiveness and quality.

BCF Consultors carries out in-depth, systematic studies analysing the main business segments and the economic scene, which are the basis for their clients’ specific policies and action strategies. In addition, BCF Consultors issues an annual Directory of Business Services, the only one in Catalonia offering a comprehensive listing of these activities.

BCF Consultors’ work is underpinned by six main commitments:

  • Quality of the services provided;
  • Preserving the environment by saving and managing waste materials;
  • Introduction to information and communication technologies through a multi-annual modernisation and improvement plan;
  • Integration to the EU with the EURO certification from the CIDEM (Centre for Information and Business Development of the Generalitat of Catalonia);
  • Cooperation with the Third World by allocating 0.7% of the gross added-value of the company to subsidising research on sustainable development;
  • Professionalism, coming from a wide network of specialised contributors in different knowledge areas.


These are some of the most relevant studies – chosen from around one hundred of them - carried out by BCF Consultors within the last two years in the fields of services, tourism, culture and communication, and digital economy.

  • Baró, E., Evolution of the Service sector labour market in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, SPM Barcelona Activa, SA., 2001.
  • Baró, E. and Cubeles, X., Valuing intangible assets within the cultural sector: new measurement perspectives, Culture department, Generalitat de Catalunya, February 2001.
  • Flamarich, M., Allepuz, M, Alapont, B,. Directory of Business Services 2001 (11th edition).
  • Baró, E., Famadas, R., Rué, E., Sala, G., Tomàs, N., Education and Training Observatory – Barcelona Chamber of Commerce (2000-2004), Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, 2001.
  • Flamarich, M., Ferrer, B., Study of the situation of the Internet Service, Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, 2001.
  • Flamarich, M., Ferrer, B., The Enterprise and the Euro (First semester, 2001) (7th edition), Euro Department, Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, 2001.
  • Flamarich, M. The Convention Market in Barcelona 2001, Barcelona Convention Bureau-Turisme de Barcelona, 2001 (9th edition).
  • Baró, E., Research lines of the University of Barcelona: finding out its potentialities within the enterprise and the public sector areas, Fundació Bosch i Gimpera, 2000.
  • Cubeles, X. and Baró, E., The future development of information industries in Barcelona, Gabinet Tècnic de Programació, Barcelona City Council, 2000.
  • Flamarich, M. and Baró, E., The Housing Market in Catalonia: evolution and perspectives (Second semester, 2000) (19th edition), DG Actuacions Concertades, Arquitectura i Habitatge, Generalitat de Catalunya, 2001.
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