Centre for International Business and Innovation (CIBI), Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, UNITED KINGDOM

Team Members

P. Windrum, Reader in Innovation Management,
L. Green, Senior Research Fellow.

Guide Fields

  • Innovation in public and private sector service industries; Key areas: Organisation of the creative services (and creative industries innovation), Health service innovations and Transport
  • Networked organization of service innovation and development
  • Models and metrics for services activity (and services innovation)
  • ‘Hidden Innovation’ in the services sectors
  • Exploitation of lock-ins and disruptive technologies in services
  • The innovation brokering role of design sector practitioners
  • Champions, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in the services industries
  • Service sector employment, skills and training
  • Outsourcing and off-shoring of services employment and service functions
  • Service design and user-led service design
  • Demand for services
  • Regulation of public and private sector services
  • Establishing and updating standards in the provision of services
  • Protection of IP in the services industries
  • The organization of KIBS
  • Professionalisation (and de-professionalisation) of service work
  • Commoditisation of service activities (and its impacts)

P. Windrum


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L. Green


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