Maria Savona,

Senior Lecturer in Management, in charge of the relationships between Reser  council and Redlas


Maria Savona is a Senior Lecturer at SPRU, Science and Technology Policy Research at the University of Sussex, UK. She is also Visiting Research Fellow at the Judge Business School, PRI - Programme on regional Innovation, University of Cambridge, UK. She has been Associate Professor in Economics at the University of Lille 1, France. She holds a degree in Economics from the University of Rome `La Sapienza' and a PhD in Science and Technology Studies from SPRU, Science and Technology Policy Research, University of Sussex, UK. Her PhD thesis is titled 'Structural Change, Technology and the Growth of Services'.

She has been a Post-doc fellow at BETA, Bureau d'Economie Théorique et Appliquée, ULP, Strasbourg, France, with a French CNRS post-doc fellowship. She has been granted an EU TMR Marie Curie fellowship for a PhD programme at SPRU; an Italian CNR fellowship for a visiting at the University of Reading, UK.

She has been involved in several European Research Projects (ServPPin, The Contribution of Public and Private Services to European Growth and Welfare, and the Role of Public-Private Innovation Networks, within EU FP7; AITEG, Assessing the Economic Impact of Technological Change and Globalisation, within FP5 and SIEPI, The Structure of European Innovation and Economic Indicators, within FP6).

She is involved in DIME RAL3 (Historical, Economic and Policy Studies of Technical Change. A Conference in Honour of Nick von Tunzelmann); DIME RAL3 (An evolutionary approach to development and institutions: an application to technological change in the agro-food sector) ; DIUS (Absorptive capacity and innovation across the UK regions) and NESTA (The Hidden Innovation in services) funded projects.

She has collaborated with the Italian and French National Research Council, the University of Rome `La Sapienza', the University of Lille 1.


Her research interests span an array of sub-disciplines within economics and industrial economics at different level of analysis:


  • sectoral structural change and economic growth, emergence of new sectors and impact on growth;
  • economics of innovation and technological change low-tech sectors;
  • technical change and income distribution;
  • economics of services and economics of innovation in services;
  • technical change in developing countries


  • sectoral concentration of innovative activities;
  • spatial/regional concentration of innovative activities and regional growth differentials


  • micro-economics and micro-econometrics of innovation (incentives, strategies, obstacles and productivity and employment impact of innovation at the firm level );
  • Community Innovation Survey based analysis.

She has extensively worked on micro-data from the Community Innovation Survey and macro-data from OECD STAN and Input-Output.

She is also:

  • Expert evaluator for European Commission Framework Programme.
  • Peer Reviewer and research evaluator for the ESRC – Economics and Social Research Council.
  • Research evaluator for the National Bank of Austria.
  • Research evaluator for the Athens University of Economics and Business.

Selected Publications

  • Knowledge dynamics in space and time and the geography of structural change. A historical review (with Ciarli Tommaso, Meliciani Valentina) in Journal of Economic Surveys, In Preparation - Planned
  • Public R&D strategic interactions among EU-15 countries: A spatial econometric analysis (with Hammadou Hakim, Paty Sonia) in Research Policy, In Preparation - Planned
  • Public Support for Innovation Revisited: Beyond University-Industry Linkages (with Stuard McDonald, Von Tunzelmann, Nick, Prof) in Prometheus, In Preparation - Resubmitted
  • Technical Change, Innovation and History: Perspectives in honour of Nick von Tunzelmann (with Sapsed Jonathan) in Research Policy, In Preparation - Review Comments
  • The Changing Face of Innovation Policy: Implication for the Norther Ireland Economy (with Abreu Maria, Grinevich Vadim, Kitson Michael) in DETI l Report commissioned by DETI Department of Trade and Industry Northern Ireland March 2011
  • The Spatial Determinants of Specialisation in Business Services in the EU Region: Agglomeration, Vertical Linkages and Innovation (with Meliciani Valentina) in Journal of Economic Geography, In Preparation - Review Comments
  • What Hampers Innovation? Revealed Barriers versus Deterring Barriers (with D'Este Pablo, Iammarino Simona, Von Tunzelmann, Nick, Prof) in Research Policy, Awaiting Publication - In Press
  • Absorptive Capacity and Regional Patterns of innovation (with Abreu Maria, Grinevich Vadim, Kitson Michael) in Research Policy, In Preparation - Review Comments
  • Conflict and Entrepreneurship in Afghanistan. Evidence from the National Risk Vulnerability Assessment (with Ciarli Tommaso, Parto Saeed) in United Nations University WIDER Working paper United Nations University WIDER Working Papers
  • Innovation and Employment in Services (with Evangelista, R., F. Djellal, F. Gallouj) Gallouj, F., Djellal, F. Gallouj, C., ed., in Handbook of Innovation and Services: A multi-disciplinary perspective Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Volume Chapter 16 pp. 367-391 ISBN 9781847205049
  • Policies to Enhance the 'Hidden' Innovation in Services: Evidences and Lessons from the UK (with Grinevich, V., Kitson, M., Maria, A.) in The Service Industries Journal Volume 30 pp. 99-118
  • Structural Transformation in Production and Consumption, Long Run Growth and Income Disparities (with Ciarli Tommaso, Lorentz Andre, Valente Marco) in SPRU SEWPS SPRU
  • The Effects of Consumption and Production Structure on Growth and Distribution. A Micro to Macro Model (with Ciarli, T., Lorentz, A., Valente, M.) in Metroeconomica Volume 61 pp. 180-218
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