11. July 2018

RESER elections, message from the president

As some council members are asking to be replaced, it will be a chance to become a new council member



We are looking forward to the upcoming conference in Goteborg, ISweden. During this occasion we will also have the General Assembly for RESER. This year there will be a possibility for members who want to join the council to stand for election at the General Assembly. In order to be able to stand for election, a candidate must submit the candidacy to the RESER Secretary or President 30 days before the General Assembly. The candidacy should include a short bio and some information about the potential contribution of the candidate in the RESER council. Thin candidacy then needs to be supported by two additional members. More detailed information can be found at the RESER webpage, www.reser.net

1.2) Elections to Council: The Process


1.     Nominees for election to the RESER Council shall be nominated and elected by the members and bring with them the responsibilities of a Trustee of the Society. The Council Members are trustees as the members entrust the assets of RESER to the management of the RESER Council.

2.     Nominees for election to the RESER Council shall be of good standing and must have a good working knowledge of RESER and relevant research or organisational experience for the vacancy to which they are seeking election. It is also advisable for potential nominees to discuss their plans with the current President or Vice-President or any other member of the RESER Council. 

3.     To stand for election nominees shall:

a)     Provide a 75 word biographical note that will accompany the ballot papers. If the word length exceeds 75 words, only the first 75 shall be included. The biographical notes shall be sent out to Members together with the notification of the AGA.

b)    Include two signed supporting letters or emails from two proposers who shall be paid-up RESER members of good standing, together with a brief summary of why the candidate is considered suitable for election to the Council. Proposers may only support one candidate for a position on Council in any one year.

c)     Be present at the AGA. Nominees for election who are not present at the AGA will be disqualified. Deposit the appropriate documentation with the RESER Secretary to arrive no later than 1st September in the year of the election.

  1. Elections shall take place by ballot in person at the AGA or by electronic voting via e-mail

Members that decide to vote by e-mail must send their vote via their own registered e-mail address at least seven days prior to the AGA. The e-mail should be sent to the RESER secretary. They must also declare that they have paid their RESER membership


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