8. September 2017

After Reser in Bilbao in September 2017, Reser will be in Goteborg (Sweden) in 2018

Save the date september 20 to 22 !


 we have always in memory the friendship moment in Naples, some new photos from Bilbao will come !



 -It was time to honour Jean Philippe and Pierre Yves Leo  for their longlife achievement on service researches

-It was the moment to give Reser founder's award  to Michael Becker and Stephan Klingnger (Institut für Angewandte Informatik e.V, Germany, you can download their paper

 It was also the moment to gather some Reser founders  !! agreat friendship time !

But also thanks to Tiziana and Cristina, the organizers to welcome us, and facilitate the visit of  the Naples archeologic museum!




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