Stuttgart, Germany, 25. - 26. September 2008

"New horizons for the role and production of services"

Fraunhofer IAO has been honored to organise the 2008 RESER conference. RESER is an interdisciplinary European network focusing on the topic of service research. At the annual RESER conferences researchers and actors from economy and politics meet in order to exchange and discuss ideas on the topic of services.

The conference has been generously supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF, under the promotion code 01FD0637). The Ministry of Economic Affairs Baden-Württemberg has been co-organiser of the RESER 2008 conference.

The structure of the parallel workshops is available in the session overview. A detailed programme as PDF is also available. You can find the slides of the keynote presentations (if already available) on the Conference Programme, the slides of the individual sessions are available via the session overview.

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