Budapest, Hungary, 24. - 26. September 2009

"Public and Private Services in the New Global Economy"

With more than 125 participants, the RESER conference has confirmed its position as the annual platform and meeting place for researchers and policy makers in the field of services.

RESER-Conference, Hamburg,  Germany 7.- 10. Sept  2011,  19th International RESER Conference, Budapest, Hungary

It was the first time in the RESER’s 20 years history that the Conference was held in a new member state and former socialist economy where services development did not earn much attention in the past. It was our wish that this conference stimulate the research community in transition economies to engage more actively in the research of various services issues and to provide appropriate advice to policy makers concerning the challenges faced by private and public services that account for the dominant part of economy.

Thanks to Kopint-Tarki and the conference organizer committee and its President Eva Palocz and her assistant Lila Szalay

The award to P. Daniels in Budapest

Thanks to Peter Daniels, the keynote lecturer, and winner of the RESER Award 200

Thanks also to all of those which have given to new and old Reser members, stimulating papers, moments of friendship, and the pleasure to discover a wonderfull town in a such deeply european country


For the future

A selection of papers presented at the conference will be considered for publication in "The Service Industries Journal" (SIJ), "Economies et Societes" serie "Economie et Gestion des Services" (EGS), and in “Services Business”.

To memorize the main themes analysed in Budapest

Main theme 1: Services trajectories in transition economies
Main theme 2 : International trade, FDI and global sourcing of services
Main theme 3 : Interactions between public and private services
Main theme 4 : Service entrepreneurship and innovation
Main theme 5 : The credit crunch and the global financial crisis

RESER-Conference, Hamburg,  Germany 7.- 10. Sept  2011,  19th International RESER Conference, Budapest

A round table about iinnovative responses of public and private services to crisis was organised with:

  • Norman Rose, Chaiman
  • Domenico Rossetti, European commission
  • Ronald Mackay, European commission
  • Walter Ganz, Frauenhofer Institute
  • Luis Rubalcaba , ServPPin coordinator
  • Tivadar Lippenyi Vice President of the Hungarian National Office for research and technology
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