Summer Schools

The 6th annual Summer School in Services SEM2011 was organized by Aalto University (Espoo, Finland), from Sunday August 28th to Wednesday August 31st, 2011, with a RESER participation.

Since that experience, many summer schools have been organised

In 2014, the colloquium has been take place September 9-10,  in Helsinki, immediately prior to the RESER 2014 conference. The Doctoral Colloquium is organized for doctoral students at all stages of their dissertation project.

This year the scope of the Summer School focuses widely on Services, and in particular on two Tracks.

Track 1: Co-creation of value in Services (approx 9 doctoral students, 3 students per sub-track)

Lead by the distinguished Professor Christian Grönroos from the Hanken School of Economics

  • Sub-track 1.1 Co-creation of value in Industrial Services (Lead by Prof Jan Holmström from Aalto university, School of Science)
  • Sub-track 1.2 Co-creation of value in Social and Healthcare Services (Lead by Prof Paul Lillrank and/or Karita Reijonsaari from Aalto university, School of Science)
  • Sub-track 1.3 Co-creation of value in technologically enabled services (Lead by Prof Virpi Tuunainen from Aalto university, School of Economics)

Track 2: Service design (approx 9 doctoral students, 3 students per sub-track)

Lead by distinguished Professor Eva Brandt from Copenhagen Design School

  • Sub-track 2.1 Service design - what is the role of the customer? (Lead by Prof Marja Toivonen from VTT)
  • Sub-track 2.2 Experiential service design (Lead by Anu Helkkula from Aalto university, School of Science)
  • Sub-track 2.3. Service design and service strategy (Lead by Prof Tuuli Mattelmäki from Aalto university, School of Art and/or Prof Maria Holmlund-Rytkönen from the Hanken School of Economics)

In addition to these key note speakers, we had lectures from professors Kyoichi Kijima and Hiroshi Deguchi from Tokyo Tech (the topics: service systems science and dynamic markets).

The students will be asked to prepare abstracts and short papers which they will present in their sub-tracks at the summer school. Each faculty member will be asked to read and comment on the papers and presentations within their sub-tracks. As a result the students receive valuable comments from their peers and respected faculty on their papers as well as 2 credits for participating.

The Summer School is funded for by the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management. Students will be asked to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses.

There were 27 doctoral students from 9 countries (17 universities)
  • 3 from the Netherlands (Erasmus University Rotterdam, UNU-Merit, and Eindhoven Technology University)
  • 3 from the UK (London School of Economics and Political Science, Manchester Business School, and Oxford Brookes)
  • 3 from Germany (Berlin Institute of Technology, Hamburg University of Technology, and University of Erlangen-Nurnberg)
  • 2 from France (Paul Cezanne University, and Institut national des sciences appliquées de Lyon)
  • 1 from Italy (Universitá di Milano Bicocca)
  • 1 from Sweden (Linköping University)
  • 1 from Norway (Norwegian School of Management)
  • 13 from Finland (Aalto, Hanken School of Economics, and Turku School of Economics)

In addition, there were 2 visiting Master level students from Japan (Tokyo Institute of Technology).

In 2015, It was organised in Roskilde  (Denmark) September 8-9, the day before the conference, 12 students were present

Discussion of the research proposals took place a collaborative, open and friendly atmosphere. The discussion was led by faculty members who are experts in the diverse areas of the field of service research.

The faculty:

  •                 Dr. Giulia Nardelli (Technical University of Denmark)
  •                 Professor Jon Sundbo (Roskilde University, Denmark)
  •                 Professor José Luis Navarro Espigares (Universidad de Granada, Spain)
  •                  Professor Lars Fuglsang (Roskilde University, Denmark)
  •                  Professor Marko Kohtamäki (University of Vaasa, Finland)
  •                  Professor Patrik Ström (University of Gothenburg, Sweden),
  •                  Professor Risto Rajala, Doctoral Colloquium Chair (Aalto University, Finland)


  • PHD students at the Roskilde doctoral colloquium



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