Innovation in Public Sector Services: Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Management (Edward Elgar)

Paul Windrum and Per Koch (Eds.) and many Reser contributors.

A groundbreaking book

This book provides new key insights and opens up an important research agenda on entrepreneurship and innovation in public sector services. It develops a new taxonomy of the different types of innovation found in public sector services, and investigates the key features and drivers of public sector entrepreneurship.

The book contains new statistical studies and a set of six international case studies in health and social services.


F. Djellal, F. Gallouj, M. García-Goñi, H. Godø, M. Hall, R. Holt, P. Koch,L. Malíková, A. Maroto, A. Mina, R.R. Nelson, R. Ramlogan, L. Rubalcaba, K. StaroÀová, P.Windrum.

Some comments

This is a timely and important contribution on innovation processes within the public sector. Departing from the myth of “private equal to entrepreneurial, public equal to bureaucratic paralysis”, it offers precious insights into public sector learning, entrepreneurship, of course inertias, and also the trade-offs involved in different management philosophies and performance evaluation methods. It is a rare example of “political economy done right”.’
- Giovanni Dosi, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa

‘Innovation and entrepreneurship have become the cornerstones for economic growth, jobs and competitiveness in the global economy. However, the burden for generating an innovative economy has fallen on the private sector.

Scholars have been remarkably taciturn concerning the role for innovation and entrepreneurship in the public sector has remained strikingly invisible. No more. In Innovation in Public Sector Services, the authors assemble a team of leading international scholars in a path breaking study to identify the potential for the public sector in contributing to innovation and entrepreneurship. In particular, the volume introduces an insightful new analytical framework that lays the foundations for transforming a sleepy public sector into a dynamic, innovative and highly effective partner for leadership and change in the global era. Scholars, policy makers and business leaders who think that the public sector is condemned to being a hindrance to innovation and entrepreneurship rather than a leader championing change and competitiveness in a global economy would be well advised to read this important new book.’
- David B. Audretsch, Max Planck Institute of Economics,
Jena, Germany and Indiana University, Bloomington, US

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