Service Innovation : Novel Ways of Creating Value in Actor Systems


Research Professor Marja Toivonen from VTT has edited a book focusing on service innovations. The book has been recently released by Springer and its name is  "Service Innovation: Novel Ways of Creating Value in Actor Systems". The book gives an overview on service innovation research both at macro and micro levels. It includes both established topics and new openings in this research. Linkages of service innovation to social and system innovations and to the challenges of sustainability exemplify the latter. There are nearly 30 co-authors, many of whom are active in RESER.

The authors include, among others, 

Ian Miles, :Twenty Years of Service Innovation Research

Stephen Vargo et al, Zooming Out and Zooming In: Service Ecosystems as Venues for Collaborative Innovation

Faiz Gallouj, Faridah Djellal,Service Innovation for Sustainability: Paths for Greening Through Service Innovation


Luis Rubalcaba : Social Innovation and its Relationships with Service and System Innovations

Pim den Hertog Matthijs J. Janssen, Developing Service-Based Business Models: Which Innovation Capability for Which Innovation Dimension?

Jon Sundbo, Lars Fuglsang, Innovation in Public Service Systems

Cristina Mele, Tiziana Russo-Spena,: Innovating in Practices

Patrik Ström,Robert Wentrup :Internationalization as Innovation Driver in Services

The hard copy will be available within a month.

The e-book can be found on the following website:

  • Marja Toivonen VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Organisations, networks and innovation systems, P.O. Box 1000, 02044 VTT, Finland T +358 40 533 4582
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