SIJ issue April 2006 Volume 26 Number 3

The following papers were presented in their draft version in the Toulouse and Castres Congress (sept 2004)

Title: Internationalisation of Japanese Professional Business Service Firms

Authors: Patrik Strom and Jan Mattesson, Goteborg University, Sweden and Roskilde
University, Denmark

Title: Outsourcing of Advanced Business Services in the Spanish Economy

Authors: Sabntiago R. Martinez-Arguelles and Fernando Rubiera-Morollon, Oviedo
University, Spain

Title: Exploring ICT Potential in Service Firms in Transition Economies

Authors: Metka Stare, Andreja Jaklic and Patricia Kotnik, University of
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Title: Innovation in Core Services for the Elderly

Authors: Faridah Djellal and Faiz Gallouj, Lille University, France

Title: Performance as a Classification Criterion of Tourist Origins and Destinations

Authors: Paulo Aguas, Paulo Rita and Jorge Costa, University Algarve

Title: On the Recent Extension of Price and Production Statistics to Health
and Education

Authors: Damien Broussolle, R. Schuman University, Strasbourg, France

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