The Services Industry Journal, vol 29 number 4 , April 2009

The Reser selection group has chosen some papers presented in Tampere (2007 congress). They are, after revision , available on this SIJ issue.

Title: Service competitiveness and cohesion: An introduction to the special issue

Authors: Mika Kautonen, Peter Daniels and Marie-Christine Monnoyer, University of Tampere, Finland, University of Birmingham, UK and Universite Toulouse 1, France, FSIJ-2008-0267

Title: Patterns of innovation in knowledge-intensive business services 

Authors: Nabil Amara, Réjean Landry and David Doloreux, Laval University, Canada and University of Ottawa, Canada, FSIJ-2008-0264

Title: Innovation in the experience economy. A taxonomy of innovation organisations

Author: Jon Sundbo, Roskilde University, Denmark, FSIJ-2008-0247

Title: Producer service firms in globalising cities: the example of advertising firms in Stockholm

Author: Brita Hermelin, Stockholm University, Sweden, FSIJ-2008-0262

Title: Postal Services deregulation in the EU, market, social and territorial cohesion issues

Author: Damien Broussolle, Robert Schuman University, Strasbourg, FSIJ-2008-0263

Title: “PubliCity”. Policy push in the age of privatisation

Authors: Ilari Karppi and Arto Haveri, University of Tampere, Finland, FSIJ-2008-0248

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