The Service Industries Journal, Volume 30 Issue 4, 2010

The Reser selection group has chosen some papers presented in Stuttgart (2008 Reser conference). They are, after revision, available on this SIJ issue.

Foreword: Walter Ganz

Title: Public and private services transformation in the CEECs

Authors: Anze Burger and Metka Stare

Pages: 479 – 496

Title: Dynamic regional competitiveness in the creative economy: can peripheral communities have a place? 

Authors: Patrik Ström and Ross Nelson

Pages: 497 – 511

Title: Services and high skills: a new challenge for developing medium-sized cities

Authors: Pierre-Yves Léo ; Jean Philippe ; Marie-Christine Monnoyer

Pages: 513 – 529

Title: Determinants of change in service employment in the United States 1998–2005: findings based on a new classification of industries

Authors: William Beyers

Pages: 531 – 547

Title: The case of market and system failures in services innovation

Authors: Luis Rubalcaba ; Jorge Gallego ;Pim Den Hertog

Pages: 549 – 566 

Title: The stakeholder product brand and decision making in retail financial services

Authors: James Devlin

Pages: 567 – 582

Title: Competitiveness by design and inimitability through service: understanding the dynamics of firm-based competition in the West Midlands jewellery and lock industries

Authors: John R. Bryson , Michael Taylor

Pages: 583 – 596

Title: Testing of service concepts

Authors: Thomas Meiren ;Thomas Burger

Pages: 621 – 632

Title: Strategies towards innovative services: findings from the German service landscape

Authors: Marcus Koelling ; Anne-Katrin Neyer ;Kathrin M. Moeslein

Pages: 609 – 620

Title: Exploring service design in the context of architecture

Authors: Mari Holopainen

Pages: 597 – 608

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