2012 RESER small grant

RESER council members evaluated two applications for RESER small research grant 2012 at its meeting in Brussels on February 29th.

The decision was taken to give the grant to the application "Green economies and services : a business, society and policy approach", submitted by  3 RESER members - Brita Hermelin (Stockhom University), Patrik Ström (The University of Gothenburg), Grete Rusten (University of Bergen)- and Andrew Jones (Birkbeck College, UCL).

This research grant shall contribute to developing research area of Green Economies and Services as a network activity within RESER.



Brita Hermelin, Andrew Jones, Grete Rusten, Patrik Strøm

The Green Economies Research network addresses research questions about how green business strategies, challenges, opportunities and limitations across various stages of the production systems as well as areas of consumption in different geographical contexts. The research network seeks to address how different parts of the service industry can add to the development of the green economy. This can be done in many ways. Consulting capability is often needed at different stages of infrastructure and construction process, product and process development in manufacturing through management and technical knowledge, legal advice, etc.  These studies will also address issues about how innovation and knowledge development for more eco-friendly technologies and systems are related to the societal and institutional context. Knowledge production, policy bodies, public sector funding and the constitutions of public-private partnerships are also important frameworks for the development and implementations of “green” solutions that covers the need of society of as a whole. The primary objective of the research project financed by the RESER- research grant has been to further develop this research area of Green Economies and Services as a network activity within the RESER community and to facilitate the development of this knowledge to the research community, policy makers and practitioners.


The initial workshop for this network on Green economies and services was held at Stockholm University on the 15 November 2011 and which also included master and PhD-students and with lectures supported by the ERASMUS teaching exchange programme. We continued to work on the indicated research topic present our results at the Aix en Provence RESER conference in 2013. An important part of the network has also been to expand the research scope on the international field through building networks and by publishing in international high-ranked journals. The project comprises of four different team nodes. It builds on extensive research conducted on various parts of the advanced service sector. The staring phase of the project includes participation by Brita Hermelin, from Sweden (Linkøping University), Patrik Strøm, (University of Gothenburg), Andrew Jones from the UK (City University, London) and Grete Rusten Norway (University of Bergen, applicant inst.).

The grant of 5000 Euros has been evenly divided between the four research teams to cover some of the travel and accommodation expenses at the 2013 RESER conferenceThe title of the 4 papers we presented are given below.



  • The role of regional eco-networks in clean-teach – contribution of services and institutional capital

Brita Hermelin (Linköping University, Sweden) and Hans Rämö (Stockholm University, Sweden)

  •     Green Business Services? Conceptualising the role of knowledge intensive industries in developing sustainable economies

   Andrew Jones, School of Arts and Social Sciences, City University London

  •    On the competitive frontier of green Internet of Things: The intermediary roles of knowledge-intensive business services

Xiangxuan Xu, Patrik Ström

University of Gothenburg, Centre for International Business Studies, Centre for European Research

  • The role of management consultancies in the embracement of greening production systems- a focus on the certification industry

Grete Rusten, University of Bergen


We thank the RESER for the contribution supporting our network. Further details about the network and our activities can be found and our website https://georeno.b.uib.no/

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