XXIX International RESER Conference 2019 : founders’s awards

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Service and Knowledge Coproduction as an Innovation Driver
in Knowledge-intensive Business Services

Nikolay Chichkanov, National Research University Higher School of Economics

Nikolay Chichkanov


The aim of the study is to investigate whether those KIBS firms that involve their customers in coproduction of services are more innovative. This paper explores the relationships between a set of innovation drivers and implementation of innovations in KIBS based on a sample of 441 firms operating in Russia. The results show that coproduction of services increases the possibility of both technological and non-technological innovations in KIBS to be implemented. This finding suggests that in addition to the service offerings quality improvement, coproduction of KIBS also acts as an innovation driver, which requires an attention from innovation managers.

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Rethinking of older talent’s re-careering trajectories in later life

Birutė Vilčiauskaitė, Kaunas University of Technology

Birutė Vilčiauskaitė


Identification and retention of talents is crucial for maximizing organizational performance (Gallardo et al., 2013; Nijs et al., 2014). Population is aging and it is global trend. Adults in later life are a diverse group with varied career development needs. The studies of career development for older talents are very rare. Work is very important for every adult (including older adult) person, because it gives the meaning, direction and purpose in life. In fact, with longer life spans and the trend towards working longer, a new phase of career is emerging: later life career (Cook, 2016). By taking into account the expectations, it should be noted that older talents have their several later life career options such as: job mobility, mentorship, and volunteering.

RESER Lifetime Achievement Award 2018 to Metka Stare

RESER Award 2018 to Metka Stare
Dr. Metka Stare, Research professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana received the Reser Lifetime achievement award in service research at the 28th RESER Conference in Gothenburg. She presented a keynote address about »Reflections on some challenges in service research and beyond« demonstrating her profound knowledge on multiple dimensions of service research.
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Award 2016, Pierre Yves Léo and Jean Philippe (France)

Jean PHILIPPE and Pierre Yves LEO, have worked all their life together. This co working is really exceptionnal. First of all they were in a research team In Aix en Provence university devoted to spatial economy. But at the the early eigtees, they decided to focus their researches on services, at that time, it was really a challenge, but also the beginning of a very successfull story. As you can see in the aix en provence page, they were able to publish so many papers and books, but also to supervise a lot of thesis on the service subject.

Their interest for the students can be seen also in the attention they devoted to foreign students who , years after years have enlarged the community of CERGAM research team.

Now Jean Philippe, who has taught for many years in Vietnam, has decided to support vietnamese students

Pierre Yves LEO and Jean PHILIPPE receiving their award from RESER’ President Patrik Ström, at the Naples conference.

Reser community was proud to honor these two researchers for their long life achievement!